Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bad blogger, no doughnut for you!

I should use this thing more, huh? Hubs is asleep (er, trying to at least...oops...) next to me, so trying to type quietly. Made even less easy by the 2 band-aids I have holding that flap of skin down on my thumb. There was a minor incident with a bread knife yesterday, nothing that required stitches (or at least if it did well, too late now, ha!), and hey at least I didn't get blood on the bread. Not good eats right there. So with the new year, I have vowed to myself that I will get my big behind in better shape. I do not do new year's resolutions. Truth be told, I think they're pretty lame. But it was a good excuse for me to do this, so there it is. And I'm off to an ok start. First week of the year, I sat around and gave the evil eye to the elliptical machine every time I passed by. Second week, I actually used it 3 times that week. And this week, well, I did 30 minutes today, and it felt good. And since that first week of exercising, I'm down 4 pounds. Along with this, there will be a significant decrease in our red meat consumption (to maybe once a week....a little more than that right now as I have stuff in the freezer that I'm trying to get rid of), significantly increasing our fish consumption (to at least twice a week), and also having at least 1-2 meatless meals per week. I am also going to blog more. Yes, I have said it before, but I really am gonna try to blog more. It feels good to sit and type BS to no one in particular. Maybe some new folks will swing my way and I'll make some more new friends out of it, to add to the whole 2 I've made on this blog (I'm also an LJ'er, so if you have one of those, let me know...not that I post too much over there either, lately it's been just menu plans, but I try damn it lol). With that, I'm off to print more coupons, coz that's how I roll lately. I'm on a crazy coupon mission, and I am determined that my local stores will soon know me and see me coming and think, omg it's crazy coupon lady! I'm nowhere near as good as some of these badass chicks I have come across that can get like $250 worth of groceries for like, 50 cents, but I am learning. I think my best so far has been a savings of about $67, that was using coupons combined with some fabulous B1G1 deals at my trusty neighborhood Publix. Man I love Publix.

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ummmhello said...

Thanks for stopping by - it's nice to see you around blogger. Any chance you belong to the Truly Tattooed Mommas site?