Saturday, February 9, 2008

I've been sick for like 2 weeks. It sucks. On the upside, G has been potty trained now for the past 2 weeks. I took her back to the doc about the constipation, and was instructed to continue with the miralax and we'll eventually find a happy medium. For some odd reason unbeknownst to me, the very next day G decided she needed to "pee pee toilet now", and then later it was "poo poo toilet now", and then we took off the pull-up and got on some big girl "pantsies", and the rest is history. She wears panties at home all day, a pull-up (with panties over them, as per her demand) when we leave the house, and a diaper (again, with panties over them) to bed. Most mornings, she wakes up dry. Some mornings, she'll wake up extra early and cry and yell for me, coz she has to pee (a little sidenote here....the child will not get out of bed and leave her room on her own. She will cry and scream and fuss and yell for me until I come in her room to get her, not necessarily to pick her up, but just to come in and tell her to get up and come out. It's strange, and she has been this way ever since she went into a big girl bed.). So I'll get her, and she'll go pee, and go right back to bed. It's awesome. And in the 2 weeks since she started going on the potty again, she has had only 2 accidents, both of which were during big meltdown crying spells, and even then it's only been pee accidents. And her going poop has not been a battle since she started going on the potty. She was in the habit of fighting it and screaming and having a tantrum (hence the reason I took her back to the doc about it), but as soon as she was ready for the potty again, all that resolved. Good grief, I've been talking about pee and poop for like 5 minutes (you know you're a mom when.... lol).....
In other news, our 9th anniversary was a little over a week ago. We stayed home with the kids and I cooked us a nice dinner- chicken scallopine, roasted asparagus with prosciutto, and mushroom couscous (all 3 of which are weight watchers recipes, and freaking amazing....I'm actually making the same meal tomorrow night), with some bruschetta and wine while I cooked, and later that evening we had some garlic stuffed olives, and garlic toasts topped with herbed goat cheese and olive tapenade. GI Joe's birthday was a few days before our anniversary, and I had ordered him some deep dish pizzas from Lou Malnati's in Chicago. We ordered him a pair of Louis Vuitton casual/dress brown leather "sneakers" a few days after our anniversary, and about a week before our anniversary, he ordered me the Louis Vuitton limited edition mini lin croisette speedy 30 (in blue) and matching sneakers from the Cruise 2008 collection that I've been begging for....well the bag, the shoes were his idea. And yes, we did get our tax refund back already, how did you ever guess?? With said income tax refund, we also paid off a ridiculously high credit card (almost $6000), and that now gives us an extra $185 or so per month. Which will allow us to pay other cards off quickly. We also opened up a savings account, that accrues interest, so we are pretty happy with ourselves this time around.
And on that note, I'm going to go cough up my other lung.