Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm such a slacker

So, hubby came home last weekend. He was supposed to have another 4 weeks of that training course, however, he failed the unnoficial PT test, and in order to stay in the class you had to pass it. He had failed the initial one at the beginning of the course, and all the people that failed were to take it again on that Friday. Well, he actually improved on everything on the second test, lost 2 inches on his waist measurement (in 4 days time, mind you), added about 5-7 sit ups and push ups, and his run time had started to improve. However, here is the shitty part- they had them running on the side of a road (when there was an actual running track right by there), in the dark. Well, dear clumsy soul that he is, poor hubby tripped in a hole and twisted his ankle, had to walk for a minute to loosen his ankle up, and then kept on trucking and started running again to finish. Did they take that into consideration when his run time worsened and therefore made him fail the test? Nope. So he was told to pack 'em up and move 'em out. When he got back to work this past week, he had talked to his supervisor and he told hubby to type up a detailed log of the events that took place at the course and email it to him, because it was BS that he got kicked out this way, particularly considering hubby got the highest score on a written test they had in the course, and pretty much failed out on a technicality. And it isn't even an official PT test, which he has only failed like once his entire career. So yeah. He told me yesterday that his supervisor sent the email to the Chief, and the Chief thought the course was BS, so he sent it up to the ACC headquarters, in hopes of preventing this happening to someone else. Not that it's really a big deal, it isn't even a required course. So I don't know, it's all stupid anyhow. He was asking me earlier today what I thought about the whole re-enlisting again thing. He'll be up to re-enlist in May, and said he'll have about 9 months or so to decide if he wants to re-enlist or not. When this enlistment is up next May, he'll have 10 years in, so that's halfway to retirement. That's why he is torn on re-enlisting, he can retire at 38 and get retirement pay, and start a whole new career. But a lot of times, he is sick of the crap, sick of being away from home. And honestly, I am too, I've been tired of it. I have told him I'll support him in whatever he decides, and that is up to him- it's his career, his job, he has to live with the decision every day. And I mean that, I've stood by him the past 9 years in this, and I'll continue to stand by him. I've not always liked it, and I won't always like it, but if it is what he wants, then so be it. I just want him home. I'm tired of feeling like our life is on hold, waiting for him to leave again, waiting for him to return when he's gone. But what can you do?
Anyways....I've been on a mission to de-clutter again. Last weekend, I took everything out of the bottom of our bedroom closet, made 2 piles of get rid of junk (one to try to sell or go to Goodwill, the other trash) and then re-organized everything that was left. There is so much more room in there now! I also got rid of a lot of stuff in G's closet, it's far from perfect, but a lot better now, and there is some extra room for storage now. Yesterday, I cleaned our bedroom. It had been neglected for far too long. I cleared out the bottom of our bathroom closet to make room for the laundry basket, so that took care of the clothes all over the floor. Cleaned off the top of the chest of drawers and arranged things neatly. Top of the dresser still needs to be finished, but I'll take care of that shortly. Cleaned off GI Joe's nightstand of all the junk. Disassembled the dog's crate (which was next to my side of the bed and served as my and put it in the closet. Brought in an end table from the garage and put it on my side of the bed. I even made the bed....and did so again this morning when we got up. I generally don't make the bed. I don't see the damn point in it, you're just gonna be climbing back in it at night and messing it all up again. But, I wanted to create a sense of order and neatness, and it wouldn't have been the same with an unkempt bed. I'm happy with the bedroom again, it's a nice space, and it isn't an overwhelming mess when you walk in now. I think today I'm going to move G's living room toybox into her room. She's going to bring whatever she wants to play with in here anyhow, might as well just put it all into her room.
On the food front, we'll be having Creole Catfish Sandwiches (weight watchers recipe, haven't tried yet), and potato salad tonight. Tomorrow, homemade yummy wonderful beef stew and cornbread. It's one of those many things that I just randomly throw together and tastes amazing. My mother hates that I can do that, she has to have a recipe in order to make anything edible. Tuesday night, we'll be having pork chops and roasted veggies (yellow squash, baby carrots, onion, baby portabello mushrooms, tomatoes, and lots of garlic). Wednesday will be turkey burgers and broccoli casserole. Most nights will also have salad included, we almost always have salad with dinner. That's as far as I've gotten on the menu so far. I had made it for 2 weeks in advance, so now I have to pick up where I left off :P
Ok, enough of my rambling, I've got things to do that I don't particularly want to do, but hey, such is the life of a simple little ol' housewife :P

Monday, January 7, 2008

What do you say when your 8 year old son asks you "So, mom, what was life like back in the '80's??" ? I'll tell you what I did, I laughed my ass off, and then told him that life really wasn't much different than it is now. And he said "yeah, only the cars were uglier". The kid has a point. Oh, and on the subject of funny kids, a few weeks ago, G pooped....she was right next to me and said "poo poo", so I asked her if she pooped. She said "yes. guts in it". So I said, "ok, you pooped, and there are guts in it?", and she said "yeah. guts in it". Quite confused (and amused), I asked "so you pooped your guts out?" and she said "yes, guts out. in poo poo". My kids are awesome.
GI Joe is in Texas. For 5 weeks. Yay. Need I remind anyone that he hasn't even been home for 4 months yet from being overseas for 6 months?? He'll be gone for his birthday, and for our anniversary, but he should be home around Valentine's Day. My mom had surgery on Friday morning. She had left here Monday to head home, and had been in pain most of the week (and prior to coming down), something was wrong with her neck/shoulders. Turns out, she had a ruptured disk in her neck. So they cut her throat open and went in from the front to fix it. Sounds fun. She's doing great though, she got to go home that night, and said that she actually felt better as soon as she woke up after the surgery, and can already tell a difference. I got a new cell phone. I lost my old one, but it was only a tracfone. I canceled with cingular/at&t a few months ago coz they pissed me off, and just went with a tracfone. But that didn't work out too well, I used way more minutes than I had expected. And now since I lost mine, I figure I might as well get a new phone with a new provider instead of wasting the money on another tracfone, and a year prepaid card, and a double minutes card, and blah blah. I went to T-Mobile, and got a handy dandy little motorola motokrzr K1. It has a music player, so I can upload songs from my computer to the phone, and listen to them through the phone itself (or headphones, or bluetooth). I love it already.
I really really want to blog more, and get to know the...well, like only 2 of you that have been reading me thus far :P And branch out and find more folks to read and stuff. I've just been a slacker the past couple of weeks, plain and simple. Holidays normally do that to me. Hell, my tree is still up, ornaments and all :)