Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's new:
I found out several months ago that I have arthritis. At 30 years old. Had a problem with a joint in my hand for a couple of wees, without having injured it, went to doc, blood tests showed indicators of an auto-immune disorder. Was terrified I had lupus or rheumatoid arthritis because my rheumatoid factor was elevated. Those tests were negative. Rheumatologist factored in the "rash" I have on my scalp, which was previously diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis, looked at it and proclaimed it to be psoriasis, and therefore diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis. Apparently, a few lucky people with psoriasis can develop arthritis caused from the immune system going into overdrive to attack the psoriasis, but it instead affects your joints. Yay. Also in medical news, have severely fucked up my back again. Back in physical therapy for the 2nd time, last time was like 7-8 years ago. Have an appointment next week with regular doc, might have to be referred to a pain management clinic because I am still in pain on a daily basis, ongoing since October.
Kids are great, well, generally speaking. G has to be on an asthma inhaler for the winter, every time we take her off of it, her croupy cough comes back, so we're just gonna keep on it til the cold weather is gone and see how it goes. J has pneumonia, but is doing very well, just a mild case.
GI Joe gets promoted in a few months, that's always a good thing, coz it means a pay raise :P! But no, I'm very proud of him, he has done very well in his career. Oh, and we recently celebrated our 11th anniversary! Which also means that we have now been together for nearly 13 years! Man, does that make ya feel old :P It's been a long, and sometimes bumpy, road but boy is it ever worth it. I love that man like a fat kid loves cake :P
We paid off the evil Home Depot card with tax refund this year, now we are looking to buy a new bedroom set. Like, a grown up, real wood, expensive bedroom set lol. We were thinking of going with King, but the set we absolutely fell in love with is MASSIVE, it's this black-washed platform bed, the platform frame is like oversized. I think the headboard and footboard are a good 6-8 inches thick, and the side rails make it about a foot wider than any of the other bed we looked at. I think the dresser is like a foot and a half longer than the one we have now, and sticks out an extra foot as well. With everything being so big, we aren't sure everything will fit properly in our room. I don't think that with the entry door to the bedroom, the closet door, the bathroom door, and the windows that we will have enough solid wall space for everything. But it's absolutely gorgeous. So we might go ahead and stick with the Queen so that we can get that set. We will see.

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